Minneapolis Fire Damage Restoration – Smoke/Soot Damage Cleanup – Emergency Board-Ups

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are scary, emotional, and sometimes devastating. Rebuilding a Twin Cities home or business that has sustained fire damage can be a lengthy procedure, especially if there was structural damage that is posing a threat. Beyond simply rebuilding, fire and smoke damage can be extremely difficult to restore. Between the extremely strong and penetrating smell of smoke and the soot lining inside the structure, some people may have no idea where to even begin. Minneapolis Disaster Cleanup Services is here to step in and take some of that burden off of your shoulders.

Happy couple with a newly fire restored homeSoot Residue and Smoke Damage Restoration

Beyond the extreme damage that the fire may have committed to the structure of your home or business, the soot and smoke has more than likely damaged your furniture, walls, carpet, curtains, and flooring. Many people think that the only solution is the dispose of and buy new future and replace flooring. However, using Disaster Cleanup Services for restoration in the Minneapolis area can be much more cost effective. We can identify items and areas that are not scorched by the fire and are salvageable and restore them to their pre-loss condition.

We use the most up to date drying, cleaning, and deodorizing techniques to restore your carpet, flooring, and walls. Our technicians know how to efficiently remove the soot and smoke damage and restore your home best. We can also remove furniture and other items to a secure cleaning facility for inspection and restoration, cleaning and refinishing. This process is exponentially cheaper than buying new furniture and other items, saving you thousands of dollars.

Instant Service

While it may be the furthest thing from your mind after the nightmare of a fire, any salvageable items that can be removed from the home should be done as soon as possible. This limits the amount of soot and smoke damage they sustain. Trust Disaster Cleanup Services to move your items to a secure location to minimize the damage while also cleaning and restoring them to their rightful pre-loss condition. Call us at (612) 260-4786 and we’ll be there in a hurry to ease your mind and take care of your items.

No Insurance Headaches

Remember, Disaster Cleanup Services works with your insurance company. We are recognized and approved by all major insurance companies and will bill them directly, eliminating the hassle for you. All of our Twin Cities customers deserve the highest level of support and care after any tragic disaster, and we take our jobs seriously. Although cleanup and restoration is our priority, we are also dedicated to providing quality customer service. Call us at (612) 260-4786 now and let take some of the stress off of you!

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