Minneapolis Water Damage Restoration – Flood Damage Cleanup – Fire/Smoke Damage Repair – Sewage Cleanup

Our Equipment

For over 20 years, Disaster Cleanup Services has consistently used the highest quality equipment for water damage restoration, water extraction, mold inspection and remediation, fire and smoke damage, and storm damage. As technology has improved, we have improved along with it and are proud to offer our Twin Cities customers only the best equipment for disaster cleanup and restoration. Each of our certified technicians is trained to use our equipment properly, ensuring work that is 100% effective. For more information about our equipment and process, or to ask about our emergency services, call (612) 260-4786 today!

Infrared Cameras

Water damage can be sneaky. Visible signs may not appear until it is too late, meaning that mold or mildew has already began to form. That’s why our professionals use infrared cameras to inspect your Minneapolis home or business for water damage. Infrared cameras have advanced features that allow us to quickly inspect large areas for any residual damage. Disaster Cleanup Services in the Twin Cities use infrared cameras because they easily identify areas of water damage, locate hidden moisture, and prove dryness. This not only ensures total accuracy and 100% guaranteed work, but we also save them images and send the before and after photographs to your insurance company so that they can see proof of damage.

Our service in Minneapolis specializes in finding and removing that “hidden” damage that can be just as destructive as the foot of standing water in the basement. Our technology is designed to find damage, remove it, and then inspect it to ensure all traces of water damage or mold is completely eradicated. We service all of the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas. Call us at (612) 260-4786 to set up an inspection appointment. If it is an emergency, let us know and we’ll be there in an hour.

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