Disaster Cleanup Services of Minnesota – Document Drying

Document Drying

Water damage is a blow to any home or business. Your life is turned upside down very quickly. Disaster Cleanup Services not only does water damage restoration, we also have a special process used to dry your documents. If you are in the Minneapolis area and have recently suffered water damage do not hesitate to call. We use vacuum freeze-drying to save your important documents and heirlooms. This is a specialized process that uses large commercial vacuum freeze dryers.

Image of books after Document Drying by our companyWhat Is Vacuum Freeze-Drying?

Vacuum freeze-drying is an important process that saves wet documents. These state of the art dryers dry and clean your documents, restoring them back to their original state. We service both residential and commercial businesses. We know the importance of saving your Minneapolis businesses documents. Without them you lose vital parts of your business. We also work with residential areas in restoring their heirlooms and other special documents and items.

What Does Vacuum Freeze-Drying Work On?

If you are in the Minneapolis area give Disaster Cleanup Services a call for all your document drying needs. Our professionals work hard to ensure you have the best service available. Below are some of the items that we freeze dry:

  • Personal/Business Documents and Records
    This may include banking/legal/company/hospital files, x-rays, collections, agreements, certificates, bonds, transcripts, visas, tax records, and other paper documents and records.
  • Manuscripts and Books
    This may include leather bound, parchment paper, drafting linens, reference books, school text books, coated paper, and pulp paper.
  • Collectible and Historical Items
    This could be rare documents, money assortments, maps, newspaper articles, and baseball/football cards and collectibles.
  • Textiles
    This may include needlework, embroidery, tapestries, flags, and crochet or knitting work.
  • Keepsakes
    This covers a wide range of items such as recipe books, achievements, awards, newspaper articles, and special occasion cards such as marriage or death items.
  • Artwork
    This may include acrylic or oil paintings, water colors, graphs, line, and regular drawings.

If you are in the Minneapolis area and need document drying give Disaster Cleanup Services a call today. Our professionals are experts in the field and our rates are competitive. If you have special items to save, time is of the essence. Call us today!

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